Being An Extra On TV Rather Than An Actor!

Being an Extra on TV

Don't Want That Extras Role? Think Again!

It's not a sin to say I want to be taken as a serious actor but for now I keep getting cast as an extra in commercials. Why do I always seem to get these acting roles and not the ones I want?

First and foremost, being an extra on a commercial pays well if the brand is well recognised and even if the brand is not, it doesn't matter. What’s important is that you’re building your acting credits. When you’re starting out on your acting career it’s good to be seen to be doing everything. This on your CV shows how dedicated you are to your Art and your career. Many acting careers have been launched from what may be seen as humble beginnings. The important thing is that it’s a beginning!

It never hurts to get on-set experience and most companies that cannot pay the full rate for an actor will cover their travel and food expenses. So, take that job and be seen, be active in chatting with the actors who do have speaking parts in the commercials. Talk to the Director if they are not too preoccupied with setting up the scene. Introduce yourself to him or her and tell them if they have other commercials to get in touch with you as it never hurts to put yourself in front of Advertising Directors. Many of them are supplementing their Directing income shooting commercials between films.

Remember one extras job a month while you’re working at your craft and waiting for that ideal role keeps you busy and engaged, it also provides good steady income and loads of networking opportunities within the industry.